The Alchemist .. As I Re-Read

I am the alchemist
and I am the shepherd
I am the baker
and I am the king,
I am the Englishman
and I am the thief,
I am the voice beside your Dream

Something is missing,
something is Sought:
an omen which brought me
to read this story once more
I am a shepherd
who cannot part with his flock

Things are not as they should be,
as I cannot hear but a whisper
from the Soul of the World

I search maniacally,
for this Voice
in all things..

I get drunk often
searching for my Spirit
I read magnificent books
or delve deep into the past,
or dissect strangers
until they are friends

I watch the moment of truth
for others
achieving their Fate
and cry with joy
for their disbelief and perfection
as though it is my own

Sometimes I drink
until I scrape my knuckles
against the wall
and bleed just for to see the Red

Sometimes I fly through space
searching for some star
to awaken my Destiny

I am the alchemist,
I am the shepherd
I am the Voice
I am me