family ofa frequent future

(I wrote this when I was 19 about my best friends and our promises to be friends forever. We don’t talk as much now.)


my friends and i

can’t be apart

(like a family who is dreading the end)


we talk about how we don’t feel real ever

and how the voices in my head

are ok

to hear

and how

we are always lost and enthusiastic in the middle of the night

and that’s ok



we talk about our dead generation

how the internet taught us that

the world is fading slowly from within

and its ok



we talk about drugs

and how we want them now!

cos it’s the only fun left

the last rebellion for our minds


we talk about love, sex

how we want passion

but settle for alcohol tirades

on 6th street

and end up in strange beds

why can’t anyone hold us at night?


we talk about death

when we watch the sunrise

tapping feet pale faces bleeding lips

and three packs of cigarettes

that we regret


we talk about the future

how it is here

and coming too fast still

please don’t go, we say

we belong here, we say

but won’t we be unfulfilled adults

and go our separate ways?


we talk mostly

about the love we share together

the warm kisses to cheeks and foreheads

the vinyls playing while we dance

and how

everything else

doesn’t matter



it’s ok


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