Drunken Twitterfeed Poetics

I’m bad
but not in a good way

Call me Friend
Call me Dream

yell my name
like words obscene
delve in me
like spiritual need
singing magic
until you bleed

(and that’s when I told myself

“I don’t wish anymore, I
only hope.”

but nobody was there
to hear it)

I don’t care anymore
about anything but

All of my truths are mythologies
All of my mythologies are grievances

We have walked on
as strangers
and we remember one another
as motifs

You live in Fast-Forward
while I die in Rewind
I go so far Back
I’m the antonym of Toward –
Went all the way Around
until the Ends of time
began over again
until you were mine

Born blind – I’ll die blind too
going on as a storm
I’ll disappear and overpower
I’ll be warm
as an open door
cold as a ghoul
living years like hours

I am captive and ancient
endangered and caged-in
I am a giant pacing
without a path
just as willing
as I have been had

The door is a tunnel and the tunnel
is a mirage
The sky is a television
and the Earth is a garage

I am a fairy tale
without a happy ending
as far as you are concerned

I was born and then I burned
dancing with myself
from then on
a flame
on my eternal wick

Kissing me is a waste of your saliva
it will make you sick

Loving me
will only make you tired
as I am


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