Blue Moon and Oranges

You don’t know
how much I love you

I love you like
a meteorite
and all the metaphors and similes
I can’t get quite right

I love you like burning redemption and care
you are mine

So I can stare
with my eyes
as much as I can look
and you are much too good
to look at

I am yours
so I curl into your body
like your stomach were sleep
and I wake with your breathing
like your breath were a dream

I love you like an idiot
on stage
performing a naked mantra
in a make-believe play

I behold your grace
as words to say
as touching you
were more sacred
than hope as I pray

You are Moon
You are Sun
You are my shadow in blue
when the time has come

I love you like
a morning song
that woke me up too loud
I love you as war
fought with no cause to be proud

I love you
like all poems unimagined
You are mine,
all mine,
to give and be doubted

You are mine to keep so divine,
whispered and shouted
You are mine to take,
You are my blood and my blues

So my heart remains crowded,
bleeding internally all night
red and awake
with you as my moon


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