Ins and Outs

If it’s better
then it’s better –
and if it’s not, it’s just the same,
fickle as weather
and permanent as a name

If it’s loose
it’ll have to be tightened
one day
And if it’s tight
it’ll just stay
and the knot will only be harder
to loosen

If it’s time,
it’s just right on time –
and if you’re not sure,
it’s not time
Most beauty grows,
requires patience and depth
to flourish

If you’re nourished,
you’re nourished
and if you’re hungry
you’re just starving
for the surest

Stars want to live on planets
instead of stomping
earthly anthills
like a kid
And the people on planets
yearn for sunshine, ponder gravity
but can’t stand it

It’ll wind and it’ll rain
and I’ll lose myself,
become sane
The Ins are all-in
and the outs
are on defense

Nonsense remains nonsense
for sense’s sake
The givers give like they’re livin
for the takers take
Accelerate for the break
and stop for the yesterday’s today


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