Happy Belated, Rebecca

Happy birthday! even though
I know
this letter will be belated
Is it okay that I’m elated
you’re alive?
You’re my fellow Pisces
and I think you’re growing up quite nicely
You are quite contrived
and witty
and I feel kind of shitty
about poetry night
when everyone sang me the birthday song
and it felt really wrong
cos the whole room and world
should celebrate you

Happy birthday, Rebecca –
You are a writer and a friend
and spirit that I expect
will run free, sporadic
and curious for all of eternity

And I am sorry
to give you my love so late,
I’m sorry you worked
too hard
on your special day
I’m sorry about your dead-end date
I’m sorry you got a Bible
in the mail from your mom
as a gift
I’m sorry if it’s been a while
since you got nailed
by a guy or girl with some sense
enough to see you shine
to appreciate your smile
as unpredictable as time
and your prodigal knack
for poetic rhyme deep as Plath

I’m sorry I stole your
birthday song
and I’m sorry if your day went all wrong

Happy Birthday, Rebecca –
I know I’m late
but I really think you’re great,
so I’ll make sure to celebrate you
every day,
your wonderful weirdness
and your murky clearness

You are special and silly
and serious
and I’ll be sure
to sing you the song you deserve
and keep my love on reserve
for my dear sleep-less friend,
beautiful and delirious
and under-appreciated
but fearless

Happy belated, Rebecca,
every day I’ll try to keep you sane
and tear-less
despite your light
that shines too bright
for the blind and the listless
who can’t understand
that they’re gifted
by the lost birthday song
of your reverent existence

Happy birthday, happy year,
happy rights, happy wrongs –
Happy belated birthday,
have a beer!
Happy life, happy days
of the every way to sing a Rebecca song,
chasing and pacing hastily
abrasively saying
that I don’t need a day
to love you all year long


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