I Love You, Humanity

I’m feeling too pure
to find a cure for the elated allure
I’m falling under

and hey now,
don’t you duck and cover,
not if you’re a lover with
fate calling you to be sure –
I’m alive! and time is clear as water
I’m your daddy’s-momma’s-cousin’s
unborn daughter
aborted from the fetus
and used as fodder
to feed the Earth’s coldness
freezing hope in hearts
as each year gets hotter and hotter
and humanity falls further and further

This art,
my art
is all I’ve got to offer
to all the wishes
we have
when the good things go bad
cos hoping ain’t a fad
when it’s shared and blessed
like superstition
bared and undressed
as straight-backed mysticism
training her posture
for the Judge’s gavel to declare loudly
that she’s got a life sentence
of poetic penance paid to possibility,
a thief giving Sunday tithes proudly
with stolen money
accepting communion wafers
and blessings
without a tasting tongue
to savor what will come

I can’t taste
but I can try to describe
what it means to satiate
the hunger of why’s
and finding new eras where the care can recognize
divinity in any pair of eyes

When I wish,
I wish only that I may give you this:
the truth of youthful kiss
to the whole of humanity
A broken list of poetic justice
that only means to say “Stand with me”
I’ve seen the end in dreams,
the end of the sound of my pen scribbling
and the love I hold
growing slow and rippling
into every corner of my sanity
like the time-line has finally gone
and I love you I love you all,
I love all the people
and plants and air wearing away
into dawn

I love you, humanity,
and when this is all through
all of these poems and hopes
and joyful exuberances
will still be for you

I love you, humanity,
and when this is all done
I know that you’ll stand next to me
as we fall back all-as-one
into the womb of eternity and truth

Humanity, Oh, Humanity,
don’t you know that I love you?


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