Penis Envy

I’ve been fucking you good every night lately;
I can’t keep my hands off you
even for a minute
Put my fingers inside and twist them,
transcendentally horny
for you when you’re submissive
Your body is my temple, now
and we mold together so simple, now

The way you pant and moan and scream
gives me happy-acid-reflux of the heart
bubbling and fizzing and jolting
in my chest like a golden blood-stream
I’ll pray to and worship your curves
and nooks and lips like sweetness gone tart,
as though resurrection were about to start:
I’ll eat you alive and take you apart

some strange natural impulse inside
remains dissatisfied
that we can’t make love quite like
man and woman,
that if I wanted to make babies with you,
I just simply couldn’t..
Biology says we shouldn’t
but I want to fuck you like
naturality was on our side

Maybe Freud was right,
but no matter at all:
I’ll still take you like
I were man and
you were the woman who gives
me life
as I feed on your body each night
delicate and ripe
and singing pleasure
as I’m wrapped between your thighs
and we lie in bed spiritually tethered
cumming and loving like our love were the weather
raining down and I’ll just drown
with your scent as my crown

I’ll be your lady, darling,
and you’ll be mine
I’ll fuck you like a man,
your body all for me to see
and pray to on my knees
and wrap around me like a vine
No need for biology:
I’ll make you mine
and take you all at once,
sacred and divine


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