Saying It [The Long Way]

Wisdom is not a kingdom
that I rule
but I’ve grown to know enough
beyond naivety – not a whole fool,
but I am three-fourths of one:
foolish enough
to recognize lust for lust
and trust for trust
and the laughable path of retrospection
that molds love from a crush
like inconvenient construction

This long metaphor is a
scapegoat, though –
But if you feel the same
our paths are paved
and you will have aged, now,
enough to know
I sleep too loud;
young enough to hope
my silence can cross unsteady seas
like a sinking boat –
too proud
and too slow
to admit those words
I can’t dream with

I’m old enough for patience,
so naive that I’m ancient
and baby, the whole point is
I’m a patient in an ambulance
with the timed bomb of my heart
waiting miraculously for antiquity to start

You’re the catalyst for history, a mystery
meant to stay unknown –
idiotic enough to know
to keep my wisdom steady:

I know what I know
and I’ll worship those words
like wind as it blows
and wind under birds
as a symphony unheard
You are wise enough to know
I’m true enough to be slow

as this long metaphor grows,
the literary devices fade to the final close:

“I love you”
and you know I’ll say it
I’m a young fool and I fidget and worry
always hurried
quickly turning gray
strictly living in decay
I’m old enough to wait another day

I love you and I love you,
young as a bone
old as a grave
I love you –
You already know
what I won’t say
We’re young enough
to wait another day


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