Your Person

I’ve been someone’s person before
but I’m more glad to be yours

You’ve made me all stupid,
the deep kind of dumb that
keeps me from sleeping
cos I’d rather stare at
the freckle on your neck
and count your breaths

I’m unproductive
as a beer each afternoon
too busy to do anything
but think of you

I’m falling behind,
can’t unwind,
strangely shy
when you’re near

I can’t taste you enough,
feel a jolt in my chest
remembering how you cum
and how you breathe
when I fuck you, shining like sun
in the dark of my room

You’re my person, I guess,
can’t help or deny it
You mess up my pillows
and steal the covers
but I don’t even mind it

You don’t know it
but your eyes say too much
every moment
They’re an endless rope
of questioning
so I can’t bring
myself to answer
in the same manner
as you:
I keep my eyes shut

But I won’t shut you out
and I’ll keep the door unlocked
for when you come and when you leave,
give what you need
give what you lack
I ain’t all white and black, baby

I’m every color in between
not water-soluble, but only crazy
on the surface,
bubbling under with shaky knees
choking on a last syllable
of your name that I can’t speak

You’re most beautiful
when you don’t notice
I’m staring
Try to stay fenced away
but my days are too blue
and the borders are wearing

I’m too wary
to fight my jubilation
In a dream your eyes spiraled into mine
like a solstice celebration

You’re my person, it seems,
and I’m punctual for the declaration


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