Easy Days

It shouldn’t be too difficult
to wake in the morning

It’s not too hard to get out of bed
and go to class

It’s easy to not sleep all day

It’s easy to remember
to eat
when hungry

Taking the dog for a walk
isn’t too much to do,
applying for that job
shouldn’t be too hard either

It’s easy, it’s easy

People do it every day,
it’s easy

It’s easy to keep the voices
it’s easy to have a heart beat
that doesn’t panic

It’s easy not to run away,
it’s easy
It’s easy
to not spend all your money on drugs
It’s easy to get by without stimulants
and cigarettes

It’s easy to do what you should
It’s easy,

it’s not too hard
It’s easy to do the every-day,
people do it all the time

When you’ve died too many times,
it’s too easy to survive

It’s much too easy
for me
to do anything


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