New Year

How does a celebration
of time
refine our presiding patterns
of living?

It does somehow
refine us (I believe),
when thorough consideration
reveals sameness
in separate moments

You can have my sameness
if you can learn to see it –
You can be my newness
if the wondering
is impossible to resist

I am more myself than ever,
like a naked child
who could not notice herself
For this,
it is a new year
and you see me, dear, in sunlight
like fear

I celebrate myself
and I celebrate you, too,
like all the Earth’s people
counting down at once
and kissing for vitality
as a gift to be shared
over and again

I withhold my name and lips
and eyes all the same –
You have maintained my art
I meant to convey
yours as a canvas
for the day

All the new and all the same,
it lives on now as you’ve turned me afraid,
fleeting and
impenetrable and
too honest to look long-ly into your eyes

We celebrate a second of time
like it were eternity,
and I celebrate you
as this moment you were mine
and I were never me


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