Cold as Fire

All fires burn out
but I sanctify them “Burn
on! Burn on!”

One can only kindle
a pathway like force
or magic
in fleeting ruptures,
then here-face you the of dark of cold
after warmth
gone-too-old for
to warm anymore

Some fires never burn
but only live
as abandoned sticks stuck
tithing in ritual formation
And these fires,

these are the fires
who really know how to burn
once they’re lit

Maybe it only-simply-laughably
takes the drying
of wood
like time
to anticipate
the brilliance of shining

A campfire is no different
than a star when
it’s vitality is more than sky or rock
or inhalingexhaling ocean
may dream to be a-part

No fire
can burn forever,
but no flame who wished to blaze
can be quietly tethered as for revolution
against what Is

I’ll say, I pray

“Burn on! Burn on
and burn away!

I have faith
you will burnburn another day –

Burn on!
(I pray you will)
Burn on again and burn on
Burn on forever!, all you little suns


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