Boogie Blues

You didn’t break my heart, Hunny,
but you sure as hell
didn’t fix it neither

I got a little pebble
stuck in my boot
that I named after you
You’re the dirty tangles of my hair,
knotted and indignant
and ready to tear

I would never have lapped up
your cum so lavishly
if I had known
you were only having me
like a show-and-tell
broken bell
rigged and bedazzled to keep on ringing

Hey there, baby,
I won’t say that you betrayed me
but your words were a landfill
disguised as a mountain peak,
singing like a Devil
that I could never reach

Don’t ask me to dance
if not for the sake of romance
Go put on your pants, baby,
if you can’t find a heart at the tip of your dick –
You sang me “hallelujah”
so I can’t say why
you’d decide to depart;
all the song and dance as a trick
that meant nothing to your alibi

I’m a lady of lettering
and sexual weathering
I’m a whore for words
and your shaky tethering
My parables of the disturbed
had no floor for our shoes
and these stanzas have no heart at all
to repair or abuse,
like waiting for your call
all night just to refuse it –
I’m all wet and
you’re dry
so don’t call me ‘kid’
if you want a reply

you’re just a rock in my boot
that don’t want me to dance none
So don’t go flattering yourself with my lips
or my love
and don’t go thinkin you’ve made me blue
just cos I’ve made these words for you

Hunny, I’ve just gotta say
that this poem never stood a chance
I couldn’t find my steppin shoes
and you couldn’t find your pants
I was humid with morning dew
fucking myself with your hands

I guess,
ain’t nothing new
cos I still don’t have the boogie blues And,
you should know one last thing
before I leave:
Your words can’t dance
and your song don’t sing
My heart ain’t broke
and my bell don’t ring


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