Ode of Unrest

I am a stimulant
waiting to be stimulated
a depressant
waiting to be depressed
I am pure sex, red and
waiting to be undressed

I was born a prophet
and I’ll die a fool
I am Time itself – you can’t stop it –
I am the breathing,
walking ghoul
of conspicuous stealth

All flowing waters are mine
and I can feel your thirst
My shallow luxuries are divinely
vital with perjury
My waters taste the very worst,
bitter and expectant and sure
that you’ll be cured by me

Drinking beer on a Monday at two,
I refuse to contend to mornings or afternoons
I know I am far too much to pursue,
too far away, and much too close
I’ll leave you at the bar to wait,
and I’ll love you the very most

I’ll kiss you like a sonnet burning
and fuck you with Holy Yearning,
a libation for your hope –
That is until all is said and done
then I must go on alone:
I am an ancient solar flare of the Sun
who came and went,
who comes and goes
by sacred volition and want
that is all mine and all my own

A dance is a calling
to the spheres that make us up,
so I am a dancer of dancers enough.

A poem belongs to the Unseen of Sight,
so I am a poet or a writer for the blind

A kiss is a hieroglyph
for all the potential we’d missed
and I’ve taken many lips
without intent of the sequential
hearts and hips
who wished me to be quintessential
and easily content

A night of sleep is too much ease
for a dreamer as me
who dreams day-by-day
and holds loose seams
that easily decay
when faced with the gravity
of my world that came
from birth of space
and my happy home of the depraved
I am a giver
waiting to be given
I am a sinner
who cares not for forgiveness
I am your lover
waiting to be loved
I am the Other
and I am a drug

Take me and leave me
Purge me and eat me –
I am Known and Unknown,
I am the life of death,
your last breathe
I am dirt and stone
I am
I am
Earth’s most beautiful unrest


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