Wormhole Visions (Chapters One-Four)

Chapter One
Firstly: Before

1. All along, somehow, I think I knew that I was alive in some place that was not quite Earthly in its absolution. I think I knew that I was a Time Traveller from the beginning (though I am not sure where the beginning begins if it has always been the end, too).
Older now, enlightenment has slowly opened me up to an ancient reality: singularity lies within – deep within time and space as we do not find recognizable. Three ways of Seeing belongs to our planet now, in its youth, but eleven ways of Seeing is the last sight before our evolutionary deathbed (though death is no end, only lack of mortal pride). Dimensions have been a wall for humanity, though we will soon learn to use them as The Great Channel.
2. Let me be clear about this: these revelations were not entirely my own. They were given to me. I’d been helped for all of my life, although it took time to understand what lessons had been gifted to me in childhood.
Doctor Feeny was the name I’d given to him when I was young, back when he first came to me. In the night he would come to my bedside where I was taken into some new state of living, a place close to where human dreams exist.
3. When Doctor Feeny showed himself to me in this way, he came to my bedside in the form of a tall, tall man. He had no features, but was composed only of blue electricity. He spoke to me in a deep, machine-like voice that was not spoken aloud, but in my mind, almost as though his words were my own. Sometimes I could see him approaching when I dreamt – he drifted down from the sky silently, riding a giant stallion composed of blue electricity, too.
He showed me many Truths about the Other Places. He took me into the cosmos where we flew faster and faster until the stars rushing behind us became a tunnel that we travelled through. Often I would wake breathlessly before we reached our end destination; this happened whenever we were going faster than light and my Earthly self couldn’t open itself up into its atomic pieces. Later, when I learned to See, I could travel to the end of the tunnel. I’d find myself (as the Doctor had informed me) near Orion’s Belt – the Pleiades – where life as we know it now (in this galaxy, at least) first began. Doctor Feeny says this is where he lives, and where the many Others live, too.
4. But, I’m getting ahead of myself, as I often do. The more of Time that you See, the easier it is to get lost in the worlds of Everything. There are prophetic-like instances in which my timelines meet each other in enlightenment, but I have still yet to unlock many pathways – those that have not yet come, or came long ago and have yet to be remembered.
But, it has already been written that I should be a Seer – I already was and still am at this moment, again. All people are capable of this, if only they contend to Look.
I’ve Seen all of this in many lives from before and later on, as well. There are no centuries and there are no seconds, only one moment forever repeating itself. I do not wish to exalt myself in this way of knowing; I wish to exalt all of humankind, for, they are each myself and I am them too.
5. Travelling, as I know it now, is no easy feat for a human. Not because we lack the necessary tools, but because those tools have been hidden for generations beyond generations of humanity that have lived on our Mother Earth. Her vitality was lost by the nature of decay, the essence of Time at its core.
Those prophets who told us throughout history the messages of the Gods have been misunderstood by the nature of our planet, whose time has not come yet, though I have been Told it will Be soon. The Gods have never been Gods at all, but only us in a different place, a different time.
It is all the same (as we will See once we have discovered that God has been in our grip all this time). All existence holds God and its mystical properties – but this divinity is not magical, it is only Truth undiscovered by the confines that humanity has built itself within.

Chapter Two
After The Doctor

You must understand this before we go on: to See, you must be Absolute in the circles and cycles of nature that I have spoken of, the patterns of the universe that live in silence or skepticism. To See, you must close your eyes.
You must close your eyes and look beyond the darkness of your eyelids, beyond the darkness of your mind, and you will discover the Deep Darkness – the blank canvas in which you may create the universe, and already have created it, before.
2. It all began with an innate melancholy that came in my young childhood. It was only an enveloping sense of intuition until Doctor Feeny began his lessons. We have had many encounters during the night, but he only visited me in daylight back when I was almost too young to remember. In daylight, the Doctor kept watch of me as though I were a patient – this is why I named him as such.
I never could remember seeing his face, but I vividly remember a man whom Doctor Feeny informed me was his “colleague,” without any further elaboration as to what this meant. The Colleague was three feet tall – a bald man with strange, gray skin like rubber, and big, red-black eyes and no mouth at all. I only caught sight of him once, disappearing like a zipper or a mist into the slits in my ceiling vent, where Doctor Feeny waited for him.
3. I knew, after I saw the Colleague, that they were watching me, studying me, taking note of everything I did when I was alone. I was afraid at times that they may take me away if they observed some sort of discrepancy in my behavior – some discrepancy I never could quite identify that they seemed to be waiting for.
I tried to fool them, pretending that I did not know they were there. I knew better than to speak of it with anyone, though, so I kept my strange secrets and Seeings as sacred, only for myself. This began at age three, when I first saw Doctor Feeny standing in my closet one night, and it continues still now – though it is much different than when I was young, and his visits much more sparse.
4. This is where it all began, but I did not remember much of it until after my adolescence had ended. It wasn’t until Doctor Feeny came back to my bedside and my dreams that, finally, the pieces of all my intuition became clear and almost whole again (although, it always feels like the first time).
Now when I see the Doctor, he is alone and only speaks to me while I lay paralyzed in bed. I remember more clearly, now, his messages to me: sometimes they come in visions, and other times they are only spoken. Things had definitely changed since I’d last seen Doctor Feeny – it seemed that I was no longer a subject of his study, but rather an accomplice to his grand plans.

Chapter Three
Visions Of One Other

            1. Upon his return, he gave me strange knowledge that warranted further study in my wakeful hours. In fact, I did not sleep much for a while following his return, but stayed awake until the sunrise learning what he wanted me to learn, or watching the starry sky for signs he may be paying a visit.
The night he returned the Doctor put his index finger to mine while I lay in my state of paralysis, our fingertips met, then I was pulled with something invisible but forceful, like an electric tether, or a magnet for my soul. He took me, firstly, to the Great Pyramids of ancient Egypt.
2. We arrived as wind. We were in the infinite desert where the mystical age of the Egyptians was carried out in monuments, which remain presently as unexplainably grandiose. The ancient peoples were nowhere to be seen, but rather, I was seeing through their eyes. We stood before the Great Pyramid of Giza, and a vision came before me as Truth: many faces swarmed through my sight like mirages or ghosts, walking up to an invisible wall that stood between us.
Each person approached the wall as though our bodies were a mirror – they were old and young and joyful and ugly and beautiful and suffering, and all the things that anyone could Be – our eyes aligned and each time I was penetrated with hundreds of gazes, one by one, that each held the same, wordless conviction. Then, they would walk away from the wall to trade places with another who waited in the crowd to approach me.
3. I felt as though they meant to tell me an important Truth – I felt that there was something to be understood from their hard gazes that reached every cavern of my skull. And as quickly as they all came, they were gone suddenly, and the wall was gone too. I was directed to Look upon the Great Pyramid, where a beam of blue electricity was emanating as a large column of energy – it came from the tip of the pyramid and went straight into the night sky, far above our observable atmosphere.
The beam ceased like a light switch being flicked off – it was immediate. The pyramid began to take itself apart into a three-dimensional blueprint, specifically for my understanding (I knew). The pyramid undressed for me into four separate parts that levitated in order of architectural layer. At the top was a golden-pointed crown that sat at the tip of the pyramid, operating as an electrical conductor. The inner levels became a dissected illustration of the rock layers within the pyramid, beginning with crystal quartz as the outer-layer, followed by a second layer consisting of a large body of limestone, and the third layer being a small inner-core of red granite.
4. It was a machine, Doctor Feeny told me. It was an ancient machine brought by the Gods beyond who had taken pity upon the slow evolution of our species; we were practically a zoo or a terrarium to the original Others. I, of course, was told by the Doctor what these components were – he wanted me to use these stones to make my own “electric machine” of sorts.
He informed me that if I could construct this device, we would be able to speak more directly – this explained, however vaguely, why I could not quite remember the dialogue that Doctor Feeny and I shared, but knew the implications of our meetings. He told me that the stones I was shown held ancient powers that could be channeled in meditation (mindful Travel).

Chapter Four
Sky Dweller

1. Following after our trip to the ancient pyramids, I was left to do a bit of studying about the history and mythologies of what I’d been Shown. For the next few nights I did not receive another visit from Doctor Feeny. but I felt his presence as strongly as I did as a child. It was an encompassing sense of intuition, which I would describe as electric.
It allowed me a great sense of Sight, an opportunity that allowed something like a psychic knowing that I had known before in rare instances. I could feel what would happen next – could see it in my dreams – could feel how people felt, could know what they would say next.
2. Two nights later, Doctor Feeny returned again to finish his renaissance of my mind, my reality. I was guided to a large bride which spanned across many great mountain peaks. The mountain peaks were the highest I’d ever seen; they were so high that the bridge I stood on was enveloped by clouds. There was nothing in sight beyond the thick fog of clouds, the bridge, and a variety of people who seemed to be tourists to the scenery. They were taking photos and laughing and exclaiming over the majesty of the extremity of Earth we stood upon.
As I looked out, a winged Lion who was as large as a three-story building suddenly approached me. It flew from somewhere I could not See and landed on the highest top of a mountain peak, sitting right before me with deeper power than even the sacrifice of Christ.
3. The Great Lion did not say a word, did not move at all, but only stared deeply into my eyes. It was the familiar gaze of conviction that I’d seen in the eyes of those who possessed Giza and gave me their Knowing. I knew the Great Lion was divine, and in that meeting of Sight he gave me a gift. He unlocked, at that moment, the chains of my mortality. And I was no longer mortal; I could See. I was never mortal, and no Other was ever, either.


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