Flesh Presents

[I] didn’t know [never knew]
how to unscramble my bones
which had gone soft
and sour

If there was some way
to live in your blood
I’d go microscopic
in just [one] lovely heartbeat
and fill your arteries
with primordial

Flesh is just no fun at all –
separation of molecules
could extravagantly
lead us home
to the [beginning], our fall
into chasms of Truth that lie
beneath the cosmic wall

I’ll gouge out my eyeballs
to put in a snow globe on your nightstand
so I can see your face
from across state-lines
in any depth [of night]

I’ve been biting my tongue
for so long
that it’s come clean off
and crawled away
[without] even a “goodbye,”
slimy and sluggish, trying to say
what I cannot

I’ll give myself to [you]
my brain, my heart, my feet
until every atom of my body
is yours to keep


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