I didn’t remember anything,
couldn’t see anything but you

I immediately wished I hadn’t said that

You were shining
and I was seeing stars

I sleep at night now, am awake for the day

You keep all things I am made of
young, and hopeful for more

I was red in the face the first time I said it

I always felt better when you read it, instead
and I kept away where my courage was useless

Do you wish I hadn’t said it?

Kissing was never the same again,
lips are futile in any other circumstance but our own

I secretly thought we spoke better in silence

Where I went, I never knew
and suddenly I’d wake in my right place, next to you

My heartbeat said enough and more than I ever did

Your body was always a limp geranium,
petals draped over me, sleep easy

Those were the nights I knew
I’d never see anything but you,

I really wish I said it then,
the moment it were true

But you were asleep and my hands
in your hair were blue


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