Manic Episodes: I Am Kaw

The people who speak in my head warned me:
something is wrong

I can’t name “I”

In Kaw’s head [my head]
there is more than Me

There is Me, or “I”
There is She, or Kaw [named “You” by I]
And there is We; Kaw and I and You –
and We cannot agree on anything

Kaw and I and You do not mind those other people
[the Strangers, the Somebodies]
who stop in, too –
[They sing and whistle and yell and announce
all at once like a tumultuous radio dial
trapped between a screaming water-spout]

But what am I [if I am not Kaw]?
If I was not in Our body, who would I be? Or She? Or We? Or They?
Who is speaking inside of Myself
if We are only Me?

Those people in my head have returned         again
to warn Me [or Whoever else here in Us] –   They warn:
something is wrong

Do you hear that?” They [We] ask

and Somebody answers,
“It is only Me, not to worry”


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