sadist love

stick a cigarette butt on my tongue
call it “love”

it gets me horny;
won’t you hurt me?

all of my chakras
are open
and cumming
like sugar-sweet oblivion
for your name,
for the pain
you gift upon and underneath
my skin

my mouth is full
and my tongue is busy
like an ancient slave
sweating bones away, each day,
imploding with your heavy sex
carried on my back,
hungry-gritted-teeth of needy death –
torturous want: my midnight snack

give me the echoes of your loving
but never the whole thing;
leave me insane
trapped in black fumbling;
no spank
or choke remains
as sanctified as
a welt of Want so deep like
that flesh-tattoo of unbetrothed sting

turn me on all-fours
and make me beg like a whore,
“please, please, love me more!”
please, please, love me more MA’AM,
you say, you correct me
and then
i cum so hard
a cosmic rebellion is born from your hands,
tearing me apart, unable to stand –
my perfect pain of suffering all over without a name
without a plan

if you love me, hurt me:
leave me in a bed
naked and tied up
un-fed and un-loved

you hurt me so good,
you hurt me the best –
hurting makes me so horny, so
please ma’am,
i’ll beg,
exposed and raw and
bruised and used
i’ll beg,
ma’am, please, won’t you be my guest?
you hurt me the very best


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