sun in pisces, leo ascending (12th house)

hemispheric life of
golden gold yawny sky
grow equivalence in esoteric romance
dropping awry
my own tears fall from lion cries
blood divided in your golden eyes
water pisces who pries
and a head with cold ears yearn for drum chest
tired cats sleep while fishy hearts beat unrest

zodiac script leave lovers unequipped
to love
and a fish could not kiss
a lion
could flop on land leg-less
to ascend
from scales and fins to fur and kin

the sun
in twelfth house
spring or summer
so alike that they may never touch
but reach for months
close enough for lip and tongue
but weeks are ripped away to wishes unsung

sun in pisces heart in leo
young enlightens what cycles know
we are so close almost fingertips meet
but the stars can only see the scars
of us so close
with only a smooth belly or paws for feet
oh, says our poetry,
lion roar fish drowning
so close (summer and spring,
sea and coast, pisces and leo)
constellation counting woes

so close.


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