jumble speech reach for to

least of all no i am in not of
the nothing for love with you
she you dancing feet had
taptap hungry her beat mine
leak honey-dew you ballet shoes
mirror go dress down as for you
step in mess my was poetry ink
of blood the puddle your the i am

quiet buzzard girl like as or
soul of
right-place hello oh she
i am here    right there    where?     here! your eyes
me do you

tulip sucking for hope inside you are
afternoon bed spread wet
porch outside in by a swing
and kissing
to all poster children and wall faces
hop you
frog for croak
in my throat tongue of unstrung
tensions you day mentioned

i no forever you love the in fall
with me silent she did feet on
deep me in never pools
my heart lay of by you chest is kiss my ear breath
no the everyone hath never of hear
busy feet fire faucet of the year


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