If Do You Does It ?

If I’m a pie and cry sweet apple ooze on a spoon
would you eat me over the sink
like a secret or a shot of booze?

If happiness is more dreadful than contentment
complacency is a scandal denying any statements.

Do rapists know their victims
are leaking redemption-like hymns
as they lie there drip drool and tears
in their hair?

Do black women hold disdain in a tight-gripped
do-rag at the sight
of a white woman’s long hair
windy with shag?

If an alcoholic decides to take just one sip
has he hoarded his home with sanctity betrothed?

A baby groans, babbles in his crib,
does some god listen with disinterest?

Do friends who kiss keep a list
of all the lips they’d wished were you?

Does a moon of blue hum out of tune
so the bees can harvest a flower’s womb?

A smoker loves a solitary sit-down,
do you breathe me like nicotine without sound?

If I were your bed-side would you pray
in silence
that I could be the time ticking away
like violence
drifting your heart away, away,
to an astral road of souls unpaved?


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