conjunction junction, what’s your disfunction?

nightinggale pudding puddles of sloppy sentiments
and slipping tensions of autonomy
craving lastnight’s tale a fail of poetic-
showmanship, drunken verse-ly quipped
to exist by wordish ego nonsense or to wish
on dandelions for spaceships
and electric stallions of sick imaginations
reconcile humanity with aliens the prevailing
denial of my soul and it spirals to insanity
[or style] – I a political asset for counter-
culture cooties, t-shirted fascists of unknown
Hitler hairbands and this land is their land
this land is no land [to stand on the moon too soon]
the lagoon of tuned hierachries
on the radio-static of stars no show
weed smokin on the road ancient token of
away I go… abortion-clinic chronic blow,
No!No! signs on sticks and warm red dicks
marching chauvinist lobbyist clit sadist
can’t face it chewy tits on Spudnick sick beginnings
happy sinnings
of Sodom; and Gomorrah
was a rape explorer police pig-race afternoon picnic
cartoon tracing the Torah capitalist Santa’s list
of internet terrorists trauma the Obama
sweet sugar lips of monopoly mushroom trips
became a Walmart or a Holy fart of Pope Francis
hide relic child porn under god’s throne and
call it “art”; Nostradamus
writes SNL skits in Sanskrit so Bob Dylan
sings solid streams the Nile’s secrets and Egypt’s
trash t.v. in hieroglyphic tithings –
no biting into a Kafka icehole and don’t
be reminding the past Kings about wicker Wallstreet
jack-off circles determine the lucky licker of
Murdoch’s dow jones cock kicker a queen
punkrocker, rifle-bearing so the kids
could start caring the wearing of a nation
and divine masturbation private-prison-sanctioned
salary soaked in cum, Jesus in the courthouse, run
the sun is hung as an angry elephant stomp
humanity like ants the fool can’t dance
without burning out romance, though Earth knows violence
you and I stay silent for unfostered cereal
bowls milky cold breakfast cluster
orphanage delusions you could only muster
with kisses of exclusion and silent
confusion – breast friends with tongue-y blend
boxed up from airplane attics
dropped to a mind of fanatic, sexual
rot fall to poet’s tragic plot
for bed spinnings and desperate thinnings
of trichotillomania ripping rare golden hair
slipping it into my underwear secret care
television trials for the science of your smile
take my blood in a vile like stockpile Sapphic sins
of your betrothed asleep and we fuck in the kitchen
fingertip suck mine like you did the
Karate Kid figurative wins fight against
plantly whims press your skin sinkhole twins
beg my aural lips
we forget and coral reefs cry for peace while whale
oil-spill temples, the pale blue dot is simple
enough to keep the bees for birds
snug and tugged you to my body no serial
homicidal hobby could perfect my astral breath
when I breathe your eyes and machine-men fly for
some New World Order hoards of humanity, some
plum seem orgasm pleas disappear your trembling bones
in my ear,

half-way-queer only for smokey
Christian alibis and bisexual bible-belt denies
habitual toothy highs for the rhyme
and brim-stone ride-alongs with toes
curled round my ankles and you-know-I-love-you
Louisiana tolls on my car   Bourbon Street
holds on my heart and my art is a war
folded like origami whore everywhere
to control my for-you wear and tear
and i’ll fuck away all the planet’s scares-
you can’t stand my words or with feet
so the cosmos want a college degree
but the debt is undoable for a Dionysus
screw-able as I don’t cry it’s unprovable
for drunk slips wine-gripped-thighs
squeezing mine, or smooth legged hope like
hijab-hewn serene sky room tones of a teetering
dome where the grass is green gypsy roam free
and kingdom companies buy ads abomination against
the feudal system and America won’t you listen!

crystal vision medicated monarchy bullshit
industrial monolithic metaphor dice
pronoun pencil-pushin figurative device
literary lice, the mice are blind called “human kind”
rewind to civil right snippets college kid Whip-It
addicts are art critics cowardly tid-bits
bite hard in Holocaust exhibits not Hemingway poetics
for painful punctuation or federal inflation genetics

conjunction junction what’s your disfunction? honey,
honey pot of me, kiss of cheek, modern you modern money
ancient society spirituals – honey moon and Earth:


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