sun and earth

the Sun impregnates
Mother Earth with light – like sperm –
gives greenery, and water accidentally,
but by no means
is his gift sacrificial – the Sun
has no purpose for us, and
one day will drink her life:
grown with slow care to time
grown for the sake of giving –
the Sun will suck her dry
and leave her barren and scarred,
a rock turned to debris with no past
to ever be seen

Egyptians worshipped the Sun:
mystically distant, egotistical –
Native Americans worshipped the Earth
whom they nurtured, for her gifts
have been evident:
she disciplines, but it is necessary,
she gives, gives, unconditionally
until she has nothing

i know Mother is wise, but
at times, I reach for the Sun
and accept that greatness
can shine dangerously bright
without regard for
who may be blinded, or burned

for this,
i know that i am capable of evil


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