i was never young, i will not be old

only the frenzied floating molecules
in my corneas
can remember when we first met

i am not sad
but only honest, and
telling the truth
can often hold a tone of

i am not sure who i am
but i am sure i want to be alone

diamonds of fear
have cracked my teeth
at lunch
so i stopped eating

my nipples are scarred
from tears
of sexual depravity

i have tried my best
to be a lover or a friend or a poet
but i am not much of

much of

do you see me? well,
now you don’t

there’s no song that
can show me our first moment

i’ve forgotten most of everything
so my ears are heaving and windy
with dreams

i love you
i really love you
in those tiny black molecules
behind my corneas

i am not me, and that is
why truth
sounds so sad
some days


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