“crossing over”

you are my ghost

to lose you would be like the moon falling far away into space
as though it were spontaneously too heavy to float
in nothing-ness of dark night any longer

well, i know i have lost you
cos you only cry, now, when you look at my face
but we never speak about anything
at all

everything between us is silent
though i never could stop talking
[every word a confession]

you did me the favor of pretending i was not
a transparent figure watching from the corner of your room

they call it “passing on” or “crossing over”
or something like that
and now i’m falling from the sky like a too-heavy moon
that has faced the truth: i will never be your lover,
i am but an inconvenient poltergeist that looms
in the gravity that was never bloomed

you are my ghoul
and i am a fool for believing i was still alive to you


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