five-hour klepto

i live for being whigged-out
give me spiritual stimulation
give me mania, give me sedation

among the others, there developed a silly
thing//a strange habit building:i am addicted, i think, to “five-hour energy”

every day, this is what i do:
i go to the store
and grab a two-pack
from the checkout line
i pretend to look at the beer
for precisely
eleven seconds, then
i slip my little two-pack-of-goodness
into my purse(a stealer’s perk if
you’re graced enough
to be a girl)
cos i’ve scoped
out, before,
the locations of each
camera and
avoid them like
an estranged father does
his kids..

i open one, immediately,
as soon as
i’m hidden away in my car
and swallow the whole, nasty
bottle of artificial-who-knows
in one gulp
with an air of frantic shame

i do the same with the second
after waiting two
hours, despite warninglabels//
by now i am jittery-spastic
and buzzing around
on body vibrations
and fuzzy

i love it, i thrive talking fast and scribbl-
ing maniacally and
all the whatevers that my
tart little bottle
gives to me

every day, go to the store,
steal a little more of
my silly cycles of bore


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