natural state of

love is only the raw state of the spirit
that which we cannot conceive except in
dreams, sex, drugs, or death.

you may never be mine
i understand the weight of your soul

love meant by the divine
will see you past death

i’ll recognize you- whatever you will be
(i always do)
and i will be the light that you see

yes i believe it to be true
i still remember when were constructed as one

these human lives we live are only
from our incogitable existence

every sight here is nonsensical
save your kisses for later

lips and palms and eyeballs
not anything between us

like the imminent breaths we breathe
you and me
are only intrinsically meant to be

Post Script.
                                 our affinity is the natural state of whatever:
                                        just as the ocean mutters secrets
                                             stars laugh at our size.


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