all the church-folk whisper that i lost my soul
my grandmother cries cause i’m getting too old

i find art in cigarettes
and no one wants to know my secrets

i fell in love and can’t fall out
your kiss still haunts my bleeding mouth

my best friends cry when we get drunk
we’re all insane but not too much

most nights i don’t want to sleep
i sit outside and stalk your dreams

i miss the playground and monkey bars
and seeing god in the stars

halfway forgetting the way you spoke
bitterly burning all the words that i wrote

pulling away when i begged you to come
but holding me close like we were in love

no other lips taste raw like yours
but i lick them anyways cause i’m bored

poetry haunts me compulsively
an anxious habit you left with me

when you look in my eyes, what do you see?
(i’m still counting every breath that you breathe)


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