transparent Fidelity

my dearest Fidelity,

you are still apart of my early-morning lucid dreams
and the song that plays with my midnight coffee

i am certain and have decided we belong within one another
we are more than friends or family or lovers

darling, can you understand yet
i will love you until the end
of all things that exist
(underneath and inbetween time,
my soul is yours, not mine)

i want your body more than death
your breath inside my breath
the sweetness of your breasts
your body is my body’s crest
my kissing teeth feeding on your neck
lost in the galaxies of your sex

you will never be my baby,
i know

you have made me a creek-bed
that will never get wet
or see the rain that falls
when your need calls to me

and so until i die
i know (no, it’s no lie)
i will write these letters to your vision-ly beauty
until some day or year or life, you will at last come to me

Fidelity, you are my song
stay with me where you belong

the poetry you gave is where you’ll stay,
you will only be mine in stanzas and rhymes
and i am yours in every way, for all of time

you are my cold sheets
and my nightly pleads,
a crescent moon all alone,
the sound of your moans
and the aroma of my bones

i love you because you are art
and you have made me a poet

eternally and silently yours,


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