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don’t be fleeting
i’m always leaving lovers behind
but i’m in a bind
you’re on my mind-
my body’s on fire
with the desire you planted,
not leaving me empty-handed,
filling my palms with your breasts
heavy as a song, your chest
beating so long after you leave;
don’t say it’s wrong too soon
— please —
i have to have you in my bedroom
need, Need to explore your soft stomach more
your blurry lines like irresistible gore:
a car accident i can’t take my eyes off of,
or a volcano brewing within my core//

but before you are done
and away (
from me)
I’ll lick you up like an animal with it’s prey
that runs//
if there were a god i’d pray
that one night,
some night soon (before i lose it all),
one night i hope you will stay
to answer my call//

believe it,
i’ll bury myself in your hidden nooks and caves,
make you cum,
warm in your chest
like a shot of rum—

before we begin
just don’t say that you’re done
(i’m insane with tension,

your body,
a shot in my head,
you, a gun)
maranda, maranda, ..

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