manic delusions of song

tonight the music i hear
(that is not really there, except for in my head)
is an off-key carousel song
i thought i heard coming from the next room
discovered quickly as my sanity’s usual tomb—-

the sound:
once cheery, now dreary and slow as though
a hurricane had just destroyed the entire city
just a moment ago,
and you just so happened to stroll
upon its last few hopeful notes
at an empty carnival
before the children’s ride broke
just as soon as it healed your woes
strangely for just a second or two
before a quick breath, then left you

goodbye, merry-go-round,
shall we rename your song, more truly,

so i talk to myself till dawn,
to chase away those ominous, amorous songs:
strewn upside-down and secret,
make a home in my head without cause


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