letters to the Silent

hello there,

goodmorning again
it seems that with every letter i send
you become more unbearably distant
and i am always only more listless—
tell me: have i disappeared yet?

goodmorning darlin,
it’s nice to speak
even if it’s only me, now,
who does the talkin
and only
to myself with a furrowed brow
that un-furrows itself
though i only grow more lonely
with every break of daylight
my inside-chest forever coiled tight
and only tighter
for each and every night
that you are quiet,quiet,quieter
than even God or winter’s bite
or a new-born liar

goodmorning as always,
i am back from outer-space
right on time, i guess
but what a waste
is any place
even the cosmos
cos wherever i may go
i only yearn to see your face

and goodbye,
i love you more with each risen light—
i hope soon
you will not be so quiet

love, kaw


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