numbers of chances and resilience planted for a poet, so goes it

what do you want me to say
i’m just fading away into space
day by day deeper into dreaming
alone in hallucinated beauty
societal muted
inside i won’t ever hide i swear
i don’t care
to what degree i may fail
i’ll be an artist until the earth goes stale
from too much carbon dioxide
well, i’ll be the peroxide
for everyone’s scraped knees
no need to say please
i can feel you already
and so, here is my poetry

i’m unstoppable enchanting
barely audible some days
but i’ll find a way
to give every human a creaky spine
with my truth and my rhymes
cos destiny’s always been calling me
oh, oh,

you’ll see, you’ll see
(i can only multiply when the odds are against my dreams)


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