Myth of The Sane Adult: “Imagination Pandemic Debilitating Future of American Economy, Experts Warn”

i’m so fucked up, i’ve always known it
don’t know where my mind took the wrong path
contorted in my youth and 
uncoiling now into my own strange truths

my mother keeps telling me to grow up
i keep trying but  so it goes, i know
i’ll only be starving to throw up 

feeling like a junkie with no normality to how i live
can’t make it sober through the days of tediousness
so ashamed for the kindness of my parents

me just a kid 
with substances to help my day dreams and 3am fantasies
become my own sick realities
fooling myself with obsessing
over my own wordful poetry
pretending it means something
cos i hope so fatally 
for the power of my art
      me alone in my world of fantastical yearnings
      some kind of disease in my mind
my disease and I, faithful unable-to-part    

my mother suspects
transgressions of a child begin to collect
some disease was set     
my imaginary friends have never left 


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