polar alignments

polar shifts
have suffocated the past
        – the greatest gift-

positivity is brooding
             in the air i’m breathing
             our sun who pleases, and
me, stewing helplessly in beauty
and silent-faithful to the path of destiny

                harmony is growing a new disposition
                inbetween the cracks of our sleepy wishin
a new art 
is buzzing in the tips of my toes
and on the blush of my cheeks
and there on my chest, it beats
right above my heart

me and you, we could convince the galaxies,
certainly – i’m sure of it –
to dance and laugh and sing
perhaps just by asking “please” – –
me and you, i think we could do it,
could find everyone’s dearest memories
and fill them to the brim with eternity and
sleepy autumn leaves and 
romantic water-color paintings
i don’t know, 
                    i don’t know,
                                          maybe i’m just hopeful w. insanity,
                                          trying to breathe outside this fish bowl
i think you know,
                          i think you know,
                                           i could swim in circles
                                           until death
                                           breathing the water of your soul
                                           my dry inside-of-me, unquenchable
there’s been a waning of the poles:
a new kind of art will be framed
           there’s no gift more beautiful than change 
          . a light has swarmed my pain
                       since I heard your name
            and counted the smiling freckles on your face .
the poles have turned upside-down
divine energy is a secret sound
only you and me, and the stars and space 
can hear the song growing in bliss from our ground
it sounds –
           if you listen closely —
                                       like a kiss—-

polar poetry and unstructured alignment
our delicate, tiny earth shines – wistfully, lips of bliss .   .
                                                                                 …   …
                                                                                   ……… … .. .


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