restless rustling of summer space rinsings in bodily seekings

juniper night time in the summer
living as a some-how
with the mind of a lover
not ever – but supremely at now

worming my way
into the veins of your pillow
trees outside scream and billow
confessionals a Me couldn’t say
you, a humming frog
on her lily pad, even,
sad from the season
from the fog and humidity
like my surely-forever yearning
you, my home Oh perfectly

need you need you
so close
binding kindly
silencing, like a frozen rose
let me grow
set me in a clear vase
be my water
be the light that warms my window pane
my moonlight of wax and wane

could never love god more than You
ginger plants grew
where one June
my fingertips turned blue
touching your freckles
like gravity looms
in your dark room
constellations stain your cheeks
you sleep like a key in the door
could you sleep inside of me?

summer planets day dream
thinking of me on the brink
living as a somehow
drinking you
blooming from your thinks
trusting lilies that sink
(never a lover, but for now—
even planets drown)

need you to touch me in new ways
rhythmic of a wave
daffodil intimacy
on a juniper summer night
entwine humble body
of mine
your constellation beauty
the only rest
(since birth or death)
that me, a some-how,
will forever need to find

stay inside —- stay inside
without the light
of you
i’m just a planet dying


goodnight, goodnight, goodnight


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