when stars gather

jupiter is turning somewhere
                               out there
I awake to find you still in my bed
my smile sang, ‘it wasn’t all in my head!’
and burning chest at the bloom of your stare
                                                  shining care

the moon was hiding before
                      all of this time
heartbroken for me, the careless whore
the taste of more listlessly transpiring
                            I don’t know what for;
desire just for the sake of desiring?
or the emptiness of strangers admiring?
                           It’s all so tiring—
pluto isn’t watching—can only hear
our new, strange voices
shaking from fear
the fantastic dizzying definity of
                    our choices
gravity never intends to be boisterous
and so we made love in the heat,
I was spilling ghosts all over a pillow-
poetry in my tears                       
after studying the screams of stars
and secret hieroglyphics on mars
i’ve fallen to you, rebirthed what is ours 

every word dances like flowers
on your doorstep
waiting for the sun to come up
tell me, where did you come from?

the sun, does it give more
than it takes?
is our love a mistake?
how many times can a heart break?


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