as it were/had been. i think.


i were (as it had been. i think)
a mother once before
i were she who once brought life, cared for, was left to feed
the hungry eyes
staring straight at me.
oh, something inside could not turn from their need.
i could not pretend to not see.

i know (no doubt of mine, no, i just know)
i had been a lover before
maybe estranged incidences of a lonely whore
(oh i hope and think it so) 
there was someone. to die for; who i’d die for.
like i’ve said,
i suspect we were born from the same star
and oh, lovely, i know who you are;
(to you) oh
i am just dead. another hopeful lover with scars//
some space oddity on solitary mind wars.

in some way, i am almost sure
i must have been an animal before,
even i could have been a plant or a spore. 
had i been (have i been)
just green with my eyes closed in the rushing wind?

were perhaps if i could have been
(a lover or a mother, a star, plant, or sin.)
was it you who fell for i? in some different place, another time.
things could be different;
of all the lives we could have lived
or all of the people perhaps we had been
)yes this is the one, now, we are in( 
could it be your eyes
that were seeking mine (as it were/had been. i think.) 

oh, no, probably not so
i suspect(but only you could know) 


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