the media man say

i. choking on consumerism
the glazed eyes of the American people
are peering through stained peep holes
drilled by some pervert for a glory hole in the men’s bathroom
our eyelids have been tattooed underneath with consume!, consume!, consume!
the ads on t.v. always screaming at me, telling me what i need
buy this for your room!
come get your nicotine!
buy one get one free!
this product will change your life,
i guarantee!
use this diet pill and see results in JUST ONE WEEK!
buy this vacuum for your wife!
your kids MUST have this toy, celebrate the holidays right!
does anyone unplug the voices and go outside?
does anyone look up at the sky(the great television screen we are trapped behind),
and ask why?
do we enjoy anything anymore that we can’t buy?

ii. sore jaws and fear
the American people grind their teeth in their sleep
sweaty nightmares of the next mass shooting
or terrorist bombing
or plague-ish disease
or the stock market crashing
we’ve got guns loaded beneath our pillows
and medicine for the anxiety
the make-upped ladies and men in ties keep telling me
on the news in the evening
serious expressions and practiced voices
read the news with feigned solemnity
warning us gravely about the next great thing
that will attack
“this is warning to the nation, lock your doors and watch your back.”
we must not believe
the pretty people making a show for the screen
reporting only the bad things

don’t be afraid, my fellow Americans
let life happen
may the best man win
go outside take a ride
don’t worry that it’s $3.90 for a gallon of gas
don’t let the network’s Greek tragedies frighten you
there is far too much to do
unlock your doors and smile at the man who lives down the street
swipe your credit cards no more and forget
what it means to be rich or to be in debt
there is air to breathe, sights to see, a world that demands your company
and friendships anywhere you will let there be

do not be afraid, American people
the newsreporters are only reading letters on a screen
words that they do not mean
turn off the t.v. and let your mind be free
we must stop grinding our teeth
waiting for the next national tragedy

iii. do you like sex? yes?
the best-selling movies
are the ones with lesbian sex scenes
and yet
at D.C. they’re still protesting
“you sinners can not get married”
and i’ll bet
they’re the ones jacking off in secret
to Mila and Natalie fucking on ecstasy
or Brokeback Mountain

the commercial on channel 02 shows a man and woman in bed
holding a box of KY Jelly and smiling
the infomercials want to show you a new way of dieting
better hurry and get a perfectly chiseled beach body
you cannot be ugly
or you’ll never fall in love or get fucked
the characters on sitcoms look beautiful and buff
during the commercial break look in the mirror with a huff
maybe you should buy new make up or get a hair cut
you’ll need to be beautiful if you want to be loved

iiii. time online
get a facebook get a twitter get a vine
get a tumblr get on reddit stay online
check your profile to be sure it looks right
keep your iPhone in your hand if you aren’t staring at the screen
sitting in a room with friends
nobody talking
just texting or social networking
i don’t care about the person next to me
we won’t look at one another’s eyes
just faces lit up bright
with the background light turned on the highest setting

American people always online

my fellow Americans,
look up from your laps and around at your lives
rest your tired eyes
remember how it feels to Be
rest your tired eyes and look away from your screens


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