fuck nihilism (our existence matters)


side note: 
                this is my case for rational optimism

is there meaning or purpose to life?
are we only a function of biology?
(exploring science and philosophy,
and why happiness is not a delusion)

If we are able to feel and think and love this gives humanity meaning and purpose. Why? Because we are just an expression of some greater entity- perhaps the universe as a whole. This makes our consciousness only one piece of some unidentified collective intelligence, some kind of innate, word-less awareness of oneself in relation to one’s existence (i.e. could be described as “God” at its most basic principle). 

If we have the ability to love this indicates a source larger than ourselves: a cosmic connection to the greater collective “love” that exists everywhere in all corners of space and time and reality. Love can be expressed as a variety of nonsensical entities and events anywhere in the vast, complex universe we have incredulously found ourselves in.
This idea of a greater collective (a plane in which all things exist) can be assumed synonymous with nature (and nature is synonymous with Biology). If all that exists IS nature (aka: a series of unpredictable biological functions), perhaps it’s logical to believe that love is present in (and originates from) nature, i.e. the nature of existence, the universe, or “God.” Humans, then, are part of nature, part of God, just as everything else is.

I often find myself daydreaming about this sort of idea with an unintentional analogy I’ve adopted to simplify thoughts that are so complex and hard to express in a relatable way. In my analogy I imagine that every molecule that makes up my body is its own planet or solar system of sorts, each molecule experiencing its own “cosmic” experience. I theorize, just maybe there could be beings who live in the world of one of my molecules who have a higher awareness just as humans do. Perhaps they wonder if there is something beyond their molecule; they look up at the sky into the dark and unexplainable void beyond the reality they exist in and contemplate what could possibly be beyond, and could never guess that they are merely a molecule on a human’s skin staring at the gap between another. They could not contemplate a human nor the societal world of Earth that we live in. And so, the analogy represents us, precisely, because it is true: we are only microscopic organisms living in some bigger plane that we could never comprehend, staring out from Earth, our metaphorical “molecule,” into the vastness of space. Though, the knowledge that our existence is so pathetically infinitesimal but paradoxically overflowing with so much meaning: this creates a Oneness with all things, and this is what humans have named “love.”

I’d say it’s not illogical to believe that there is something greater than us. Quite rational, actually.
This thing, it grows and changes and evolves. I like to believe that all of existence evolves together: we have evolved from single-celled organisms, Earth has evolved into green life and water that was once only random scattered matter floating through Nothingness, the solar system turns and expands. Maybe the whole universe is still evolving, maybe it never stops evolving and becoming better, and creating new equilibriums within itself.  
With all of this said, I am hopefully not so naive to believe that human lives and reality each have a greater purpose. We are just another nonsensical expression of nature; a piece of some other new understanding that will develop somewhere somehow; perhaps we are one of the universe’s  grand attempts at achieving balance of All.

Biology is God, I guess. And isn’t nature all about finding equilibrium? Equilibrium is found through evolution; it is found through homeostasis, which essentially IS the goal of nature, and God, and existing. Organisms innately yearn for balance, as do we.
Homeostasis/Equilibrium: this basically means the same thing as those phrases that humans have familiarized; words like “world peace,” “yin and yang,” “the way of the tao,” “co-existence,” or more familiarly- as the Christians say- “salvation” or “heaven.”  Essentially, this is all the same as our well-known concept of love. 

There’s our fucking purpose, it’s so simple. Humanity must learn to find it’s balance on Earth, must grow past chaos and violence. Love, then, is sort of our biological purpose as well as our spiritual purpose.


You can’t find a meaning or purpose in life? Fuck you: fuck you! to existentialists, nihilists, pessimists, grumpy scientists; fuck you if you’re inconsiderate or violent. Homeostasis; Peace; Love; this is our path. It’s happening everywhere around you, so open your goddamned eyes. Love is water, wind, light, grass; same as us.


One thought on “fuck nihilism (our existence matters)

  1. Existential meaning devolved from the lack of purpose fully convinced from the speed logical shape of the universe
    Humans are now in a state of being where decisions and experiences are the clay of our purpose
    We deserve true intentions and play the game with language and confidence that we all have a chance at a fading legacy

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