humanity, please


when humans arrived here, we fucked up the earth
it’s almost like destiny, like we can’t help it; a curse;
we’re the planet’s disease;
there are 
ways to live
different than this
what is it?

for five billion years the earth was mightier than we
and today somehow i am me now; part of humanity
we’ve only been here for maybe a day of mother earth’s life
and we’ve already destroyed the ideals nature calls “right”;
cut down every tree in sight; given cancer to the sky

i am just a regular person who watches time pass me by
and can’t really get a grasp on anything in life
i represent us each with my words
feeling— like all- something close but unheard

when humans arrived we fucked up most things
but there’s still a chance for us, for me:
we still have love and creativity
(all the tools Mother Earth said we’d need)
(for, she could always see) 


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