winter froze my $4 clock (more time to die from love)


yeahyeahyeah i know 
i just have to say one thing

winter oh whew
bones freezing through
night quick morning quicker
no sleep ever
me, oh i’m confused
live in time, no not me
i do not live in time
or anywhere
i am not anyone

i can’t gnaw on time
winter whispers under my covers
drinking and holding onto eachother, friends,
like drunken babies
with too much love for what time is willing to give

fuck dear time,
i’m almost done i just want to say one thing

i am so in love with everything
and so far away
early morning early night, please stay or go away
give more of yourself, time
i am yours but you are not mine

i am so fucking in love with everything that
time has me but what is mine?

yeah okay fine
if that’s all you’re willing to give
then i’ll just g-

(and then, then yeah the sunrise) 


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